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brigade group opens orion mall "House of Worth: Evening dress (1976.258.1a,b)". In Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History. Haute Couture, which concentrated on fashion as high art, was invented in Paris and women's fashion was overshadowed only by men's fashion. And what about those fabulous tan leather brogues with beige linen insets for 13? They are from Penneys' mainline collection. Park any reservations you may have about brogues being for men. Directional Irish designer Simone Rocha was way ahead of her time when she wore men's brogues five years ago and now look at all of us copying her. DrinksPay attention to what you drink. Our bodies do not sense calories from drinks very efficiently, according to Madelyn Fernstrom, who is the director of the weight-management center at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Many drinks sound healthy and harmless, such as fruit-flavored ice teas, but have a surprising amount of calories. Not as tough as say, being a Chilean miner, but it certainly presents its own set of unique challenges. Heterosexual people have ample opportunities for romance. It's all too easy for straight folk. On the eve of New York Fashion Week, Blue Star Contemporary Arts created a setting like a Vogue photo shoot for its Models and Mannequins fundraiser Sept. 7. Willowy models in stylish ensembles from Neiman Marcus posed on pedestals in severe relief against the gallery's white walls. However, we all know that these pants aren't worn anymore. Instead, everyone in Western culture pretty much wears the same type of pants. Either the denim jeans, or fancy version of them (black cotton, etc.). 's Undercolor collection, centered around knit tank tops and a neutral palette, channeled the effortlessly chic feminine style favored by young types. layered cashmere and alpaca with chunkier knits to achieve a slouchy, sophisticated look. took cues from dandyish menswear: Her daring two-length pants were paired with a double-collar button-down shirt. I think I starting to understand. Well, this season you in luck. Obnoxious women by the thousands have been flocking to a designer who makes this chic protective helmet called the Punch Bowl. reRedditTo capitalize, heritage brands are re-issuing classic items from their archives (everything from the Persol sunglasses Steve McQueen wore in The Thomas Crown Affair to Louis Vuitton wallets that were first made a century ago), tweeting brand history lessons to their followers and marketing their products as collectible heirlooms that will stand the test of time. Marketing departments are following the model too. Louis Vuitton, for example, recently replaced Madonna, who had starred in the labels fall 2009 ad campaign, with a seamstress in a portrait designed to evoke a Vermeer painting..

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